We are collaborators of the short film "Soc maricó"!

Ibiza Blue Line
27 July 2023
We are collaborators of the short film "Soc maricó"!

Unfortunately, today discrimination against the LGTBIQA+ community continues to exist worldwide.

And, although society in Spain is little by little transforming, we are far from total acceptance.

This short musical film in Ibiza was born from the desire to achieve that ideal world.

The team

Miguel Vingut and Javier Riera are the masterminds behind this audiovisual work with a certain autobiographical component.

The young Dani Planells plays the protagonist, a homosexual adolescent boy, and the role of parents is played by Borja Tous and Carol Brest, with Miguel Vingut himself as a brother.

This short film also features three original songs, produced by the renowned Ibizan musician Joan Barbé and sung by Javi Riera.

Finally, various public entities such as the town councils of Santa Eulària, Sant Josep, Sant Joan, Sant Antoni and the Eivissa Council, and several collaborators from the private sector ( among which we are) have supported and financed the project.

What is “Soc Maricó” about?

He tells us about the experience of a teenage boy trying to tell his family about his homosexuality </ strong>, a delicate moment for almost everyone in the group. </ p>

We will be able to see the fantasies, in the form of songs, that go through the protagonist's head when the time comes to break the news.

In a way, Miguel Vingut admits, it is practically the same thing that happened to him in his youth when he came out of the closet.

Both directors are adamant about the need for these stories to be told, especially in the very complex climate we live in today.

Ibiza Blue Line with the support of the LGTBIQA+ community

We are very proud of the success that the entire team of “Soc maricó” has achieved since its premiere, and we want to congratulate them from the bottom of our hearts.

From Ibiza Blue Line, we send all our support and affection to the members of the collective.

For the freedom to love and define yourself!

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