Everything you need to know
About your charter in ibiza

Are the boats insured?

All our boats are covered by an insurance policy.

Can I cancel a booking?

Should there be adverse weather conditions for sailing on the day of your booking, we’ll try to find another date for the charter (depending on availability or, failing this, we’ll offer another boat) or we’ll return your money. If you cancel 24 hours before boarding or you don't show up at the port, your money will not be returned (except for adverse weather conditions).

Do I need a licence to rent a boat?

A boat licence is not necessary for boats less than 5 m in length. For boats 5 metres in length and over, it's necessary to hold the pnb (basic navigation skipper) licence (which allows the holder to sail a boat up to 8 metres in length provided it stays at most 5 miles from the shore), the per (recreational vessel skipper) licence (boats up to 24 metres in length and provided they stay at most 12 miles from the shore), the py (yacht master) licence or the cy (yacht captain) licence. For licences issued outside spain, it is advisable for you to get in touch with us beforehand. If you don’t have the relevant boat licence, you’ll need to rent the boat with a professional skipper (for an additional fee).

What should I present on check-in?

The national identity card (dni) of all passengers, skipper licence and booking confirmation/number.

What does the price include?

VAT, insurance, cleaning, home port, complimentary drinks (water and soft drinks) and ice on check-in, snorkeling equipment.

Is petrol included in the price?

No. This is paid for according to consumption upon disembarkation. Should the petrol station be closed when we arrive to the port, we will refuel the next day and take the amount from the deposit. Then we’ll send you the receipt via e-mail, whatsapp, etc. Fixed-price excursions include petrol, the skipper and the boat.

How much do the services of a professional skipper cost?

€150 for whole-day excursions and €100 for half-day excursions.

What is the timetable for the charter?

It’s from 10am to 7pm for whole-day charters and from 10am-2pm or from 3pm-7pm for half-day charters.

Do I have to leave a deposit?

If you're renting a boat without skipper, you’ll need to leave a €1,500 deposit. This deposit will be refunded upon check-out once we have verified that the boat has been returned in the same condition as when you received it (the list of prices for some kinds of damage appears in the contract). The deposit will be returned 24–48 hours after check-out. If you rent a boat and engage the services of a skipper, you won't have to leave a deposit.

How/where should I check in?

Check-in/boarding is done directly at each boat’s berth. It's at this time when you’ll be asked to sign the rental contract, as well as present each passenger’s identification documents, the skipper licence (if any) and pay for the balance of the charter or any extras.

Can we board someplace else other than the port?

As a matter of principle, boarding is done directly from the berth of the boat rented. It's possible to get picked up elsewhere, provided that you engage a charter with professional skipper (or you pay for their services for sailing the boat there, round trip) and you pay for the difference in petrol. Please check with us beforehand whether this service is possible or not.

Can I bring food and drinks on board?

Yes, as long as you make every effort to keep the boat clean.

How do rentals for more one day work?

For rentals for more than one day, you can leave the boat at its home port (recommended). If you wish to leave the boat anchored at another place, you’ll have to let us know beforehand.

Likewise, rentals for more than one day include cleaning service and daily replenishment of drinks/ice (if the boat is at its home port).

Is smoking allowed on board?

Yes, as long as you're careful with the upholstery (burns will be taken from the deposit) and you keep the boat in a good state of cleanliness.

Can I leave the boat to eat at one of the restaurants in Formentera?

Yes, provided the boat is well anchored. Some of formentera's restaurants provide a dinghy service that picks you up from the boat and takes you to the restaurant. It is strictly forbidden to run the boats aground.

How do I formalise the contract for my charter in ibiza?

During the booking process, we’ll ask you for personal information, which will serve to fill in the contract you’ll be asked to sign on check-in. If there’s any missing information, we’ll ask you for it at that time. Once the contract has been signed, you should keep your copy with you on board at all times.

What kind of clothes and other items should I bring on board?

We recommend bringing sunscreen, sunglasses, caps and comfortable swimwear with you. If the excursion is at the beginning or end of the season, it's advisable to bring a windbreaker. Shoes should be comfortable and suitable for boating (it's better to go barefoot on board).

Complimentary towels are not provided on the boats (except with the romantic and comfort packages).

Do the boats have a navigator/electronic navigation charts?

Yes, they all have a navigation system

Does the boat have life jackets/safety devices?
Yes, all our boats come with life jackets and safety devices, as stipulated by law. We also have children's life jackets, but these should be requested beforehand by specifying the child's weight.